Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Wildpark Grünau; 2015

When I first stumbled upon the emerging owlet hype a few years ago I was as easily enchanted as the next girl. But like many other hypes I fell for, it never took me long to move on. Or so I thought … (Sneak peek … peculiar little feathered creatures excluded). In my many years of childhood and adolescence I fell for Diddl (you know, that crooked big-foot-mouse with its many, many collectible notepad-sheets), horses (just a phase…), cats (who would have guessed), Sheepworld (yet another collectible toy), Disney (and still do), black, blue, winter, silver and much more gruesome hypes … But non of those had anything in common with the mental persistence of owlets. I actually like the teeny-tiny ornaments quite more than their genuine archetypes. But sometimes I get lucky and get to rethink my  views on things. Look at the photograph and maybe you know, what I mean …


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