A Place

Hey there. It’s me, Lady Artemis, a young urban “wanna-be” … wanna-be-woman, -journalist, -freelancer, -intellectual, -photographer, -gamer, -blogger.

As far as I can tell, I’ve been to late – AGAIN! I’ve been too late to claim that catchy name I always wanted to be known by (LadyArtemis) and I’ve been too late to make myself known to the world right in time with my many suitable and sophisticated qualities (or what is left of them). Actually I’ve been too late to catch so many opportunities – or maybe I’am just way too early to seize them. Who knows?

I can’t tell you why I am starting this blog now. Why not far back during my younger more fickle days? I can’t tell, because honestly I don’t know. But here I am, looking forward to my personal new era. This isn’t for you, guys. But actually you presumed that, right? It’s for me and my inflated ego or something like that. What I want to do in here is what I enjoy out there too: I like to read, write, think, re-think, play and sometimes I like to take pictures or draw or craft things on my own. That’s what I do. That’s what I like.  Right now I’m more than occupied with finding my place in the world. So maybe that’s my motto – Finding my place in the world …

Let’s see where it starts and where it will end.

Maybe one or the other will join me on my way or will go a few steps with me. We’ll see.

There is nothing much to know about me – history-graduate, female, 26, living in Vienna – but maybe there is more. We’ll see.


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